Saturday, May 3, 2008

The First One

Hi Friend,

Thanks for visiting!

Heartiest welcome to you… :D

This is my first blog. As the name of my site suggests, I will be sharing with you information/knowledge of whatever I know about or come to know about. These won’t be exactly my thoughts but some real information/knowledge which all of us can use in our daily practical life. Hence the name “Versatile News You Can Use”.

I am a software professional and to be precise, I am into Software Quality Assurance field. Being into this area of work, I keep on striving towards, improving the software product, I work on, to the greatest extent possible. In the course of life, that thought process of improving things is rooted into my subconscious now. I guess, that must be happening with every Quality Assurance person. :) Hence the effort of sharing knowledge which will improve our lives some way or the other.

Now, you must be thinking, so many people have written soooo much about softwares, what this guy is going to do different?!!! And the answer is, I am NOT going to write about softwares. I am going to share with you, all those useful facts, which most of us will be able to really use in our daily lives. Those facts will be from all facets of life and won’t be limited to only softwares.

Since my blogs, here onwards, will be a collection of factual things, I will be giving due credit to related web-link/person from where/whom I might have collected the information. So if you have something sharable, which can prove beneficial to all of us, please let me know. I will try to find more information about the subject & publish it here, with due credit to you!

I think, that is enough reading for you, without any useful tip for today. ;)

So, please let me know your thoughts about my blog.
Wish me luck to keep this effort going!!!

Warm regards & cheers to you,
-Ambarish :)


Vyaktigat_Manogat_Swagat said...

Welcome to Blogosphere.., albeit a technical one but should be good to read..

All the best

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on new role as blogger and all the best for blogging.
As i know you; I am sure that you blog something fresh and interesting

Noorulayn S said...

Hey Ambi,
great to see a blog from you.
will be keeping a keen eye on it henceforth...


Ravish Katoch said...

sahi hai sirji, keep it up